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Jim's Story

Here you will find glimpses into the inspiring life of Jim Vickers-Willis. From his intimate account of World War 2 service as a Spitfire pilot in Jim's War Diary, to the People Magazine article about his Thrust to Stardom as one of Australia's premier entertainers, to his intimate portrayal of life From The Iron Lung written as he lay paralysed by polio and coming to terms with imprisonment inside an iron lung life support system, to his fight to live and go on to achieve an unexpected life harvest and find The Magic of Life!

How did Jim make it through? How did he achieve so much happiness in the face of such adversity? With depression, anxiety and despair on the march and our society appearing clueless on how to solve our human problems, Jim's Story is a beacon to others on what it takes to rebound from the problems life inevitably throws at us all. The answers Jim found are revealed in "Bouncing Back with Changes". Written by Psychologist, Tony Vickers-Willis, who as Jim's son was a first hand witness to much of Jim's life - it can be purchased via the link at right.

There are many amazing people, like Jim, who courageously pull through difficult life challenges. We showcase some stories of these people in the section headed Survivor Stories. So, when you need a bit of encouragement, come on back and be inspired by these amazing people.

If you know someone who is troubled by their life problems and may be at risk of harming themselves (perhaps even taking their own life) please seek professional help from a local community agency - some Australian and international contacts are listed at right.

Finally, we've added Jim's Photo Gallery to show pictures of Jim and Beth with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, plus some friends - to emphasise the harvest they reaped by hanging in when times got tough and finding ways to adapt to the problems they faced.

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Suicide Help Lines


Lifeline 131114
Kids Help Line 1800 551800
Family Crisis Service 1800 656463

Dedicated to helping people recover from depression,
beyondblue is contactable by phone or on the web:

1300 22 4636

Australian Psychological Society
1800 333 497



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