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JimVickers-Willis Uni Graduation with Beth and Peter
Deakin University Graduate - Aged 82
(with wife Beth & eldest son Peter)

Jim Vickers-Willis' siblings
Jim's Siblings - Eric, Bill, Joan,
Jim & Chas (left to right)

Jim Vickers-Willis
Riding his trike around Brighton

Jim Vickers-Willis Parents - Moppy & Pa
Jim's Mum (Moppy) & Dad (Pa)

Jim Vickers-Willis Family
L to R - Jim, Tony, Beth, Peter, Sue

Jim Vickers-Willis with Beth
Jim carrying Beth
on their Engagement Day

Jim Vickers-Willis Weding - wife Beth plus Chas & Val
Wedding. L to R - Jim, Beth, Beth's best friend Val, & Jim's brother Chas

Jim Vickers-Willis, Beth & Lil Parkinson
L to R - Lil (Beth's mum), Jim & Beth


Jim Vickers-Willis Christmas
VW Clan - Christmas 2005

Jim Vickers-Willis (1966)
Jim (right) riding his trike
with family friend Sue in London

Jim Vickers-Willis Family
L to R - Val, Chas, Joan, Bill, Beth, Jim, Eric & Kath

Jim Vickers-Willis 1945
Jim on RAAF Service
Labuan Island (September, 1945)

Beth Vickers-Willis
Beth - the teenager

Jim Vickers-Willis Family
L to R - Peter, Sue, Beth, Jim & Tony

Jim Vickers-Willis Foster Daughter - Meale Thomas
Jim & Beth's Foster Daughter Merle

Jim Vickers-Willis Family
Living in London (1965)
L to R - Peter, Beth, Sue, Jim & Tony

Jim Vickers-Willis Extended Family
The Extended VW Family (c.1963):
L to R - Sue, Pam (in front), Moppy (Jim's mother), Jim, Tony (in front), Beth, Christine (in front), Phil, Sally (in front), Kath, Peter (in front), Sue, Bill, Eric, Mary (in front), Charles, Joan

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