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Ready For Immediate FREE Download ..................7 Easy To Create & Perform Puppet Plays That Will Keep Young Children Busy & Happy For Many Many Hours .......... Great fun, especially on those rainy days ...........

Create Your Own Puppet Pantomime

The free downloads on this page enables young puppeteers (recommended ages: 4 to 10) to create and perform their own puppet plays, using pre-recorded stories and stick puppet figures and props. This will provide many hours of inexpensive, safe and creative fun and activity for young children in their own homes, with parents, grandparents, and friends. A great 'rainy day' activity, and also good for learning basic skills in organisation & planning.

Each of the seven plays available (at right) is full of happy music and humour, and gives a uniquely Australian (often humourous) spin on traditional stories, including the great children's tales of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Noddy, and Hanzel & Gretal. Enjoy the tangles of Red Robin, the Bunyips and The Old Croc with old foes - The Big Bad Wolf and The Wicked Witch. The characters and plays, and most of the music, are original compositions by Jim Vickers-Willis. You can find out more about Jim's inspiring life story in other sections of this website.

The Puppets are just waiting for budding young puppeteers to bring them to life. Kids love creating the puppets, and then performing their plays for parents, grandparents and friends, as demonstrated in these two YouTube videos (left click on each to start the video):

How To Set Up Your FREE Puppet Pantomime Show

Online Demonstration Video -Red Robins Kangaroo

Each puppet play can be individually downloaded from the links provided at right. Simply place your cursor over the underlined item you want to download, then right click your mouse and "Save As....". Each play includes:

  • the plays audio track (mp3),
  • printable puppet and prop figures (Pdf),
  • Puppeteers Play Directions (Pdf),

Also provided are the following downloads which apply to all plays:

The puppet and prop figures are already coloured. However, they can be printed in black and white outline, giving kids hours of fun activity colouring-in each of the puppet characters in their own designs.

The story of how Jim's Puppets Pantomime came to be created is available for reading at Puppet Pantomime Heritage.

We support Rotary Internationals efforts to immunise kids in third world countries from polio, where this virus remains a problem and potential global threat. Should you and your family enjoy the puppet resources from this site, we'd request you make a donation to this cause, which can be done online by clicking the following link that will take you to Rotary's website:

Use this link to donate on line to the Rotary International Polio Fund

Puppet Show Characters

The Jim Vickers-Willis Puppet Pantomime plays were created by Jim Vickers-Willis with Dan Bartley, Bob Vinnard and Bob Patey. Puppet images were created by Melbourne Artist Paul Margocsy









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FREE Downloads
7 Puppet Plays*

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Right click on your mouse,
then "Save Target As..."

Includes recorded play, puppet figures, play directions and set-up instructions

No Waiting -
Let The Show Begin!

1. Red Robin's Baby Kangaroo
Pantomime Time - 5 minutes 30 secs

(Right click on mouse then "Save As...":

2. The Old Croc
Pantomime Time - 5 minutes 40 secs



3. The Trick Vacuum Cleaner
Pantomime Time - 8 minutes 24 secs



4. Willi Saves Little Red Robin Hood
Pantomime Time - 6 minutes 40 secs



5. Naughty Mr. Punch
Pantomime Time - 5 minutes 30 secs



6. Old Croc Saves Little Red Robin Hood
Pantomime Time - 5 minutes 40 secs



7. The Bunyip's Cave
Pantomime Time - 7 minutes 30 secs






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