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Quality of Life: Jim's Mission

A wry smile came across the face of 87 year old Jim Vickers-Willis, as he read 'The Age' article (April 26, 2006) headed "The Secret of Being in Rude Health is Intercourse, Of Course". Jim suffered tremendous criticism (perhaps even persecution) for suggesting in the 1970's that sex was physically good for you - in fact, Jim's first book "Are You Fun To Live With?" was originally titled "Orgasms Are Good For You" until family pressures led to change. Now the medical and scientific professions are waking up to this fact - sex protects us against disease. Research shows "sex can offer protection from depression, colds, heart disease, and even cancer", says the article.

On this page are links to valuable information that Jim discovered about intimacy and creating loving relationships, that he published in various books, videos and recordings, that he was sure would help improve your quality of life.

In March 1954, when at the pinnacle of his entertainment fame, Jim was struck down with polio. He was placed into an iron lung life support which pressured his body to breathe. His chances of ever getting out were slim, and his life expectancy was short. In many respects, his story parallels that of America's Superman, Christopher Reeve - although Jim escaped the iron lung and went on to lead an incredibly long life.

In surviving polio and escaping the iron lung, Jim gained a profound personal experience about the quality of life. One that caused him to ask whether many of us were living in our own 'iron lungs' because we held 'life suffocating' attitudes - clearly, an evangelist was born.

Jim was particularly concerned about increasing distress in marriages; obvious in sky high divorce rates since the 1960's in most western societies.

So Jim put to work the skills he learned as a journalist to investigate this social problem, and like Sheree Hite and The Kinseys before him, to report on what he discovered. He then used promotion skills, learned when fronting the Australian 1950's square dancing boom, to bring this new age information on relationships and sexuality to public attention - on radio, television and newspapers, and in books, DVDs and recordings. The result was a treasure trove of information resources that continue today to help people find new and richer meaning in their relationships, and quality in their lives. Some of these information resources are provided here for you to view, including the following:

- Are You (Really) Fun To Live With? (Pdf download)
- Talk on Sex - for Parents & Couples (FREE mp3 download)
- Let's Get It All Off - For Goodness Sake! (video - no longer available)

Bob Montgomery and Jim Vickers-WillisJim also produced three informative relationship and sexual information recordings with psychologist Dr. Bob Montgomery - 'Sexuality & Your Quality of Life', 'Female Sexual Expression' and 'Male Sexuality'. Unfortunately, these recording are no longer available for distribution, but click here to listen to a sample. These tapes promoted open and constructive attitudes to sexuality and adult relationships. Through these tapes, Jim and Bob reminded us that "the most important sexual organ in our bodies is between our ears".

In its day, the information Jim passed on was quite radical and controversial, and even in these much more enlightened days, many of us could well take heed of his teachings. An insight into the attitudes of the early days when he got started on this mission is sensed when reading his brief and quite funny article on how he first got involved in issues about relationships and sexuality in the swinging 60s, titled How I Got Interested In Relationships & Sexuality He wrote: "In 1966 I walked into a Wimbledon bookshop and bought my first book on sex. It was a good one entitled "Mainly for Women". I was so embarrassed as I paid my money that I turned it over the wrong way..........read more here.

Jim went on to found the Quality of Life Association (QLA), to help raise awareness on the many important social policy issues that became a part of his life mission - from prison reform, to eradicating tobacco use, to promoting voluntary euthanasia and the right to die with dignity, to building bike paths, to sex education, and so on.


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Jim's best seller

Are You (Really) Fun To Live With (Pdf)

Jim's fireside chat to
parents & couples:

Talk On Sex (55 minute mp3)


Click here to listen to Jim talking on 3LO Radio about his campaign against tobacco (4min 30 sec)


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