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How I Got Started by Jim Vickers-Willis

In 1966, I walked into a Wimbledon bookshop and bought my first book on sex. It was a good one entitled "Mainly for Women". I was so embarrassed as I paid my money that I turned it over the wrong way so that the bookseller would not see what I was buying! After I had read it, I said to my wife: "There is about one third of what I have just read that I knew nothing about. We are obviously passing on to our teenage children a lot of dangerous ignorance." Being an ex-journalist, I decided to write a book and began interviewing people. The title was "Orgasms Are Good For You!" In 1966 the word "orgasm" was practically never used and this title shocked my family and friends so much that I finished up publishing the book under the name "Are You (Really) Fun To Live With?" - which turned out to be a good selling title anyway.

It was advertised widely on television and in one ad., I looked into the camera and said "I am about to say the most obscene four-letter word you have ever heard."

I knew they would have their fingers on the switch in the control room! I said "KILL - can you think of anything more obscene than one human being killing another human being? But I can say that word freely on television.

"However, another four letter word which describes one person being kind and loving to another I cannot say on television because it is regarded as obscene." "What perverse (or should it be perverted) ancestors made the word for making love our most obscene four-letter word? I cannot even print it here - I can only put an f... for fear of censorship, or causing offence. Why don't we repudiate this? Why don't we take something really guilty, really nasty - like drugs - for our obscene four-letter word?" "Isn't that ridiculous?" "That's what this is all about."

The result was astonishing. One woman rang up on our answering service and I have a tape of her calling me a "miserable perverted worm". Many hundreds came to me for help. Listening to their stories changed my whole way of thinking. I heard what was really happening in our community and what was really causing the problems. Everything I have written since has been simply based on the information I gained from these hundreds and hundreds of people over a twenty year "research" stint which just goes on and on - and that's why there are updates included in the book.

"Sexuality is a beautiful and valuable part of every human personality. Far from causing our young ones to grow up with misinformation, guilt and doubt, shouldn't we be encouraging them to respect their sexuality and develop it healthily so they can use it constructively to enrich their life and enrich their adult relationships"

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