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Need Help? Links to Personal Help

The organisations listed to the right provide information and services on personal, relationship and sexual development support in Australia. There are many people working in this field - not all are experienced and qualified. The organisations listed at right can link you to helpers that are best qualified to assist.

In Australia, more immediate personal help on relationship, family and sexual crisis is available over the phone by ringing one of the following numbers:

LIFELINE 13 11 14

Mensline Australia 13 2229

Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA) 1800 806 292

Suicide Helpline Victoria 1300 651 251

Dads in Distress 1300 853 437

Parentline 13 2289

Relationships Australia

Resources for couples, individuals and families to help support relationships. Take this link to RA's contact details.

Cairnmillar Institute

Use this link to find Cairnmillar's contact details (Melbourne Only).

The Australian Psychological Society (APS)

On the APS web site you can search for a counsellor in your local area. Click the APS link above, then look for this button:

Click the button, put in your issue (such as couple counselling, or sexual difficulties) plus your home postcode, and you will be provided with contact details of qualified psychologists in your local area.

A psychologist that Jim specifically recommends is Dr Bob Montgomery who practices in Queensland and can be contacted by email at abra@bigpond.net.au.



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