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It's one thing giving young people information; it's another thing to pass on an attitude....................................

Your Attitudes

The way we think - that is, our attitudes - determines a great deal in our lives. Our attitudes even determine how we feel - they determine whether we feel happy or sad.

Jim spent a great deal of time helping people to discover the attitudes they are holding which were wrecking their happiness and wrecking their relationships.

His autobiography, "The Magic of Life!", reveals the attitudes that enabled him to so successfully overcome significant life challenges, to go on and live a long, happy and fulfilling life. And, in his best selling book "Are You (Really) Fun To Live With?" Jim implores readers to rethink their attitudes to their relationship and to their sexuality - faulty attitudes passed on in ignorance by previous generations. Successfully challenging those attitudes offers great hope to those wanting to improve their happiness and their relationships.

Both of these books are available through this web site via the links at right. "Magic" is available in hard cover or via digital download in Pdf format, whilst "Fun" is available for FREE via digital download in Pdf format.

















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Click here to listen to the full Doug Aiton interview of Jim Vickers-Willis (40 minutes). Hear Jim reflect on his remarkable life by listening to this recording of him whilst guest DJ on The Doug Aiton Show in 1996 on Melbourne's Radio 3LO, aged 78.

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