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Light Years Ahead Of Its Time......... 'FUN' Challenges Accepted Ideas and Attitudes That Are Wrecking Marriages & Killing Happiness.........................Now available for FREE Immediate Pdf Download

Your Relationships

Jim's best selling relationship book is available as a FREE printable manuscript (Pdf format) using the link at right.

Jim noticed a gap in his own and other's knowledge about relationships that he suspected was causing divorce rates to skyrocket. Much in the same mould of the Kinsey's and Sheree Hite, he decided to apply his journalism skills to investigate and report on what he found.

Over 7 years, Jim interviewed many hundreds of people in both the United Kingdom and Australia - husbands and wives, divorcees, clergy, plus also many professionals including Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Doctors.

His survey revealed many answers - these answers challenged accepted ideas and attitudes that were wrecking marriages and killing happiness - ideas and attitudes that are continuing to play havoc in many relationships today.

Jim implores readers to rethink their attitudes to their relationship and to their sexuality - faulty attitudes often passed on in ignorance by previous generations. Successfully challenging those attiudes offers great hope to those wanting to improve their key relationships.

For example, Jim says "Far from feeling full of guilt and shame over sex, we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves for feeling guilty about such a beautiful, nature-given gift as our sexuality".

"Are You (Really) Fun To Live With?" was first released in conjunction with the film "The Language of Love" - a relationship and sex education film that had been banned by the censors in Australia.....that was until Jim and his friends from the Quality of Life Association (QLA) waged a publicity campaign that woke up community interest, and led to bans being overturned.

Over 30,000 copies of "Fun" were sold in its first year of publication.

It is a very easy and quick read - less than 80 pages - with plenty of valuable ideas for improving your relationships.



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Are You (Really) Fun
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Sold over 30,000 copies

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