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"The most important sexual organ in your body is between your ears ..............................
Your Sexuality

As a result of the information Jim learned during his investigation into human relationships, he became alarmed at the lack of knowledge in our community about human sexuality - and the negative impact this was having on the breakdown in people's relationships. The public campaigns he, and many others mounted in the 1970s, were the reason why kids today receive much more information about sexuality.

To bridge the gap, Jim made available some basic information resources, which you can obtain from this site, including Talk on Sex (FREE Download), and Let's Get It All Off - For Goodness Sake!, Each resource is described below:


Report on Sex Talk on Sex (mp3)

Introduced by Dr. Warwick Hartin, Executive Director of the Marriage Guidance Institute, and available as an immediate download.

Jim's frank and open "Talk on Sex" provides parents and couples with a 55 minute personal chat about sex. This is not classroom sex education - rather, it is a fireside chat that challenges us to consider whether the attitudes, beliefs and values we hold about sex are wrecking our relationships, our happiness, and our health - attitudes which we regretfully pass to our children with similar consequences. Listen to Jim's compelling information, and consider the benefits for yourself, your relationship, and for your children of developing more positive constructive attitudes towards your sexuality.

Click here for FREE Download of Jim's "Talk on Sex"


Nudist DVD Let's Get It All Off - For Goodness Sake!

Ever wondered why some people go to beaches and camps where no one wears clothes? Ever wondered what it would be like, but were too uncertain to give it a try?

In this 32 minute film, Jim takes us inside the nudist community, to meet and chat to Australian nudists and to see what happens on Australian nudist beaches and nudist camps, and find out why they go there. You can be a fly on the wall at a nudist beach and at a nudist camp - and see for yourself. You might be a little surprised with what you discover. - as the naturists (families, couples, single people, children, & adults alike) enjoy tennis, swimming, canoeing, reading under the trees, walking, square dancing, exhibition and round dancing, golf, volleyball, bouncing on the trampolines.

Listen to the courageous Reverend R. Corr talk openly and comfortably about his personal experiences investigating for himself the nudist community.

Jim made this film "Lets Get It Off - For Goodness Sake" about the Australian nudist movement to pass on to State Premiers, the Prime Minister, and various Ministers. Jim's hope was that when they made laws regarding creating legal nude bathing beaches around the Australian coast (nude beaches were banned in Australia at the time) they would base their decision on accurate information - instead of blind prejudice and ignorance. Thanks in no small measure to the efforts of Jim and the nudist movement who campaigned for change, including creating this film, the politicians did legalise nude bathing beaches, and Australia now has some of the world's best free bathing beaches in the world.

Jim financed this film himself, and people participated willingly and freely in support of their dream for legal nude bathing facilities.

The film was created over a period of 4 years - being shot at Australian nudist beaches and at the River Valley Nudist Holiday Resort. The title is what it is all about - not just the goodness of the enjoyment in naturism, but the very real and important mental and physical benefits.

Sorry - this film is no longer available



Jim's fireside chat to all
parents & couples:

Talk On Sex (55 minute mp3)

Jim's bestselling book:
Are You (Really) Fun To Live With (Pdf)


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