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On this page you'll find  descriptions of square dance resources available on this web site - all of which are also on the Jim Vickers-Willis Square Dance CD-ROM. These resources will help newcomers learn the basics and provide endless hours of entertainment for more experienced square dance enthusiasts.

The Square Dance CD-ROM is available for purchase by Mail Order by clicking the PayPal button at right - the CD is posted immediately payment is received.

Jim's CD-ROM contains 115 square dances (some live, some studio produced), plus illustrated square dance steps/movements, and even some square dance sheet music.

Audio tracks are provided in mp3 format. Purchasers will not infringe copyright by burning these mp3 recordings into other formats such as 'CD Audio Track' - software such as NERO does this seamlessly - as long as this is for personal use only and not distributed to others.

Jim's Australian Square Dance Band:

The Australian Square Dance Band variously included the following musicians: Margaret Swan (piano); Bob Patey (piano); Teddy Preston (piano); Tom Potts (drums); Barry Brennan (drums); Ed Zavod (violin); Tommy Torrens (violin); Freddie Thomas (accord ian); Norm Berger (accord ian); Denny Martin (trumpet); Peter Boyce (guitar); Col Leason (guitar); Frank Raleigh (bass).

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Get you friends and family together for a fun night of square dancing using Jim's "Square Dance At Home" audio. This audio commences by teaching beginners, then moves onto more advanced dances. Yes - you and your friends can use this 80 minute recording (together with an accompanying "Instruction Guide") to learn to square dance in your own home - make a night of it, you'll have tremendous fun - in exactly the same way the Australian Square Dance boom started during the 1950s, in Melbourne's bayside suburb of Brighton. And don't forget to ask everyone to bring along a basket of food to share for supper - that's the tradition.

To PREVIEW Click Here (7 minute audio)
mp3 Format

The Australian Standard Square Dance CoverThe Australian Standard SQUARE DANCE

"The Australian Standard Square Dance" is a Pdf file of over 100 pages - the reference source, for dancers and callers, written by Jim that describes the unique Australian 'Hoedown Under' style of square dancing. Beginners will find this book useful, as it provides quality photo illustrations to explain the basic square dance steps. Additionally, it includes information on traditional square dance etiquette, and the rules of square dancing, It also provides a complete A to Z encyclopedia of square dance steps, plus also instructions including caller's words for over 40 popular square dances.

Let's Go Square Dancing!LET'S GO SQUARE DANCING!

Square Dancing continues to be a passion for millions of people around the world today, many of whom will appreciate this classic audio recording "Lets Go Square Dancing" of Jim with his Australian Square Dance Band playing 16 numbers which they featured in their nation-wide radio and television broadcasts during the boom. The first half provides instruction for beginners, whilst more challenging dances are called in the second half. Tracks include 'Red River Valley', 'The Robert E. Lee', Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport', 'Oh Johnny', 'Virginia Reel', and 'Alabamy Bound'.

To PREVIEW Click here (4 minute audio).
mp3 Format

Australian Square Dance LP's Volumes 1&2

Square dancers will appreciate Jim's 2 other classic LP recordings "Australian Square Dance". On this 44 minute recording, Jim and his Australian Square Dance Band perform 19 dances. Numbers include "I Want To Say Hello", "A Precious Little Thing Called Love", "Five Foot Two", "Manana", "When You're Smiling", " John Brown's Body", Wabash Cannon Ball", and many more. Some of these dances were recorded live at the famous Earl's Court Ballroom in Melbourne, Australia.

To PREVIEW Click here (5 minute audio).
mp3 Format

Jim Vickers-Willis "Live" Single Square Dances

Jim Vickers-Willis and his Australian Square Dance Band performed a wide range of dances in halls that included the famous Earl's Court and Leggett's Ballroom in Melbourne, and Centennial Hall in Adelaide. These halls often hosted many thousands of dancers. As Australia's premier caller, Jim's dances were also beamed to audiences throughout Australia via television (ABC 2) and on radio (3KZ, 3DB & 5DN).

Recordings of some of these performances have survived and are included on Jim's CD-ROM. Here you will find a collection of over 60 of the better recordings (mp3 format) to listen to and play at your own square dances - yes, get a group of friends together and have a go, its not that difficult and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy also the nostalgia of these live performances, and Jim's infectious enthusiasm and laugh - Jim very obviously enjoyed calling the show.

To PREVIEW Click here (6 minute audio).

mp3 Format

Square Dance Caller 'Karaoke Pack'

Yes - try out as a Square Dance Caller yourself. We've packaged together a collection of 11 'Music Only' tracks, performed by Jim's Australian Square Dance Band. And we've provided the words too. Square dances include"Virginia Reel", "Red River Valley", "Alabama Jubilee", "Robert E. Lee", "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport", to name just a few.

So, try it out on some friends at home. Square Dance Karaoke!

To PREVIEW Click here (6 minute audio)
mp3 Format

Square Dance Sheet Music Clippings

Two volumes of mostly one-page musical arrangements (for piano), of popular tunes that Jim used to accompany his unique Australian style of square dance calling. Jim and his band created these 43 hand written sheets, which have been scanned to enable downloads.

Volume One: Volume One has 20 traditional square dance tunes, including "Alabama Jubilee", "Head Two Gents", Oh Johnny" and Spanish Cavalier".

Volume Two: Volume Two has 23 tunes including the square dance classics"Red River Valley", "Sue City Sue" and "Sweet Georgia Brown".

To PREVIEW Pdf Clipping for "Alabama Jubilee" Click Here.


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