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"History & Heritage of Modern American Square Dancing":

A collection of essays that trace the history of American square dancing from its English ancestry in "Morris' and 'Country' dance, to the influence of The Minuet in the Royal Ballrooms of Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France, through to Henry Ford's legacy and Dr. Lloyd Shaw's development, to the creation of Callerlab (an association dedicated to the preservation and promotion of square dancing).

Read the full article HERE

A Brief History of Square Dancing:

View here an article on the American history of square dancing. It states: " The square dance is an American institution. It began in New England when the first settlers and the immigrant groups that followed, brought with them their various national dances, which we now call folk dances..... As the communities grew and people of different backgrounds intermingled, so did their dances. As the repertoire increased, it became increasingly difficult for the average person to remember the various movements. .... .however, there would be at least one extrovert..... with a knack for remembering the dance figures. With typical Yankee ingenuity, the settlers let this person cue or prompt them in case they happened to forget what came next."

Read the full article HERE

Australia's Square Dance History:

An Australian Square Dancing Story - The Epicentre of a 1950's Entertainment BOOM! complied by Tony Vickers-Willis (2008)

Boom! Where Did It Come From? by Jim Vickers-Willis

Kings of Melbourne's Golden Era: 1950-1953
by Graham Rigby

Square Dancing As A Sport
People Magazine article on Jim Vickers-Willis
(Vol. 4, No. 11, July 29, 1953)

Square Dancing - How It All Started in Australia by Jack Murphy

History of the Australian Callers Federation (ACF)
by Jeff Seidel









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